Volume X, Issue II, Spring 2017

Philosophy in the manner of Plato should rather be defined as an erotic contest, as a further development and inward intensification of the old agonal gymnastics and their Presuppostions. —Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, Sum 23.”

Dear Readers

We are excited to be hosting Dr. Keith Ansell-Pearson who serves as the Guest Editor for this issue on Nietzsche and Epicureanism. Nietzsche’s relationship to Epicurus, and to all other post-Socratic schools, still remains to be explored in the unchartered territories of philosophy as a way of life. Six essays examine this relationship from different angles. We are thankful to Federico Testa for translating the piece by Jean-Marie Guyau for The Agonist. We would like to thank Dr. Ansell-Pearson for putting this issue together and all the other contributors, Dr. Daniel Conway, Dr. Peter S. Groff, Dr. Jill Marsden, Dr. Verkerk, Matthew Denis, and Federico Testa. We extend our gratitude to our reviewers, Jennifer Gammage and Dr. Joseph M. Spencer.

In the last several months, since October 2016, Nietzsche Circle has co-organized events with The National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis (based in New York City) to explore not only Nietzsche’s connection to psychoanalysis, but also the relationship between philosophy and psychoanalysis in general. In these events we heard many interesting talks and plan to create an issue on this topic, and we will open it to a wider range of researchers and practitioners through a call for papers. Those practitioners who do research in this area, please contact us.

We welcome Alec Ontiveros on board who joined the Circle recently. Alec will oversee the electronic publication of the journal. We look forward to working with him. We also look forward to hearing from our readers with their ideas on new subjects to explore or if they are willing to write reviews for us.

The Editorial Board, March 2017