About The Agonist

The Agonist is an electronic journal dedicated to the investigation of Nietzsche’s works and his influences on contemporary culture in different fields such as arts, philosophy, religion, and science, to name only a few. In the spirit of his philosophical pursuit, the journal publishes essays within Nietzsche scholarship and beyond academia. The journal also examines Nietzsche’s relationship to figures from previous ages, as we have done in one of our issues entitled “Nietzsche in History.” Furthermore, Nietzsche continues to inspire many artistic, cultural, and intellectual movements.
We explore his influences on such movements with authors who work in these areas, as we have done in the issue on Nietzsche and Trans- and Post-humanism. In addition to essays and book reviews, we also publish interviews and exegeses. We publish only previously unpublished materials. The Agonist is an international journal, which is read all over the world. We have readers from China to Chile. The fact that it is electronic and is free makes it accessible to a wide range of readership. However, the journal is possible only through the support we receive from members and readers. If you believe in the mission of this journal, we kindly ask you to support us through the website of the Nietzsche Circle, which hosts the journal.

The Agonist is seeking submissions. To submit work for The Agonist, please follow the Submission Guidelines. If you have any questions with regard to our guidelines or submission policy, please contact us.