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Call for Papers for Fall 2023: Nietzsche and Nihilism


In this issue of The Agonist, we are examining Nietzsche and Nihilism. We invite researches to contribute articles that explore any aspect of Nietzsche’s critique or discussion of nihilism. Though much has been written on the subject, nihilism continues to be one of the most misunderstood concepts in Nietzsche’s corpus, existentialism, and the broader history of photography. A superficial understanding of nihilism often leads to the shallow conclusion that “nothing really matters” when in fact “nothing really matters.” Nietzsche railed against nihilism in everything he perceived to be life negating at the end of the 19th century: Christianity, petite bourgeois morality, dogmatic academics, and even philosophy itself. 

“If philosophers could be nihilists, it would be because they find nothingness behind all human ideals. Or not even nothingness—but only what is worthy of nothing, what is absurd, sick, cowardly, weary, all kinds of dregs from the emptied cup of human life.”

Twilight of the Idols

In the early 21st century little had changed except the scenery. We are still surrounded by life negating forces—from global pandemics, to rapidly accelerating climate change, xenophobia, war, wealth disparity, regressive politics, etc. And it is easy, all too easy to fall into despair. But Nietzsche’s great insight was that all of these wounds were self-inflicted by our own species, and our lot could easily be otherwise if we could only conjure the “will” and courage to affirm life instead of destroying it.

“…from nihilism, that stroke of midday and of great decision that makes the will free again, which gives earth its purpose and man his hope again, this Antichrist and anti-nihilist, this conqueror of God and of nothingness—he must come one day.”

– Genealogy of Moral, section 24.

Let us not sit idly and defer such a profound responsibility to future generations. We have waited too long for the overhumans and their imaginary justice to save us. Let us fight fire with fire. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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