Philosophy in the manner of Plato should rather be defined as an erotic contest, as a further development and inward intensification of the old agonal gymnastics and their Presuppostions. —Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, Sum 23.”

Dear Readers

agonist_spring_2016__med_thumbWe are excited to introduce several new essays to our readers. This special issue is structured in two parts. The first part examines Nietzsche reception in China and Nietzsche’s relationship to current scholarship in China. The second part evolved out of an event, “Nietzsche in History,” which was organized at Mercy College in March 2015. Three of the five essays, by Nicholas Birns, David Kilpatrick, and Yunus Tuncel, were presented at this event. With this issue we hope to revitalize the discussion on Nietzsche’s relevance in the history of ideas, not only in Western context, but worldwide. We consider this issue to be a small, but an inspirational, step in that direction.

We would like to thank all contributors to this issue and look forward to hearing your thoughtful comments.

NC Editors, March 2015

Essays Author Read
Part I: Nietzsche and Chinese Thought
Introduction by James Luchte, Guest Editor for this Section (Ref: PDF Document – Page 2) By James Luchte Read
Daggers and Spears: Lu Xun and Nietzsche on Cultural Revolution (Ref: PDF Document – Page 5) By James Luchte Read
Nietzsche on ‘The Question Mark,’ A Note on Section 346, Book Five of The Gay Science (Ref: PDF Document – Page 28) By Soraj Hongladarom Read
On Tranquility: The Essential Word of Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Ref: PDF Document – Page 40) By Wang Shunning Read
Part II: Nietzsche in History
Every Name in History: The Cosmopolitan Kindergarten, Introduction. (Ref: PDF Document – Page 54) By David Kilpatrick Read
Libido Dominandi: Nietzsche and Sallust. (Ref: PDF Document – Page 65) By Nicholas Birns Read
Nietzsche, Darwin, and the Greeks: On the Aesthetic Interpretation of Life. (Ref: PDF Document – Page 74) By Michael Steinmann Read
The Seed of All Thought: Nietzsche’s “The Uses and Disadvantages of History For Life”. (Ref: PDF Document – Page 117) By Barry Stephenson Read
Nietzsche and La Rochefoucauld: The Art of Concise and Polemical Writing. (Ref: PDF Document – Page 135) By Yunus Tuncel Read
Contributors’ Bios. (Ref: PDF Document – Page 146)

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